About us

Great experience with open-source solutions

Since 2014, we have delivered dozens of large-scale projects

The best Camunda specialists

Certified engineers are ready to take on the toughest challenges

100% satisfied customers

Our customers become our permanent partners


Collaboration, reunion... Restore old connections to meet new challenges. Today, more and more companies are starting to do it. We had done it long before it became mainstream.

Time tested

In 2014 a small but very promising company appeared. This was not a set of new random employees. We have restored old connections, professional and human, time-tested.


Changing the course

In 2018, the company changed course and, instead of maintaining existing solutions, switched to the development of unique products. We rapidly gained experience, reputation and quickly established ourselves in the market.



In 2020 we became an official partner of Camunda. Our team created the first application from scratch to automate one of the most important business processes - the company's interaction with consumers.



We take on complex decisions. Reunico specialists have successfully passed the Camunda certification and confirmed their high professional level. We can say with confidence that we have created a dream team.

We are


Our mission is to make your business more efficient and successful. This is important for us, because we are growing with you, becoming stronger with each new project
Ordinary people are behind every super solution


Proof of Concept

We will help you to understand whether your business needs a BPM system and what functionality Camunda can provide

starts at 10 000 €
Project Team

Strengthen your team with Camunda-certified engineers to help bring complex solutions to life

starts at 120 000 €
Business Process Modeling and Optimization

We will check business processes, find weaknesses and deliver improvements

starts at 2 500 €
BPM Solution Audit

We will evaluate the quality and reliability of the finished solution and give recommendations on how to make improvements

starts at 7 000 €
MVP on Camunda BPM

We will develop an application or microservice based on Camunda BPM according to your requirements, we will be responsible for the result and share the risks with you

starts at 25 000 €
BPM Trainings

We will teach your team to work with Camunda BPM, create and implement solutions independently

starts at 7 500 €
Middleware Solutions and Integration

We will select solutions to achieve your goals, launch integration flows and be responsible for quality

starts at 10 000 €
Development of Technical Specifications

We will jointly develop a technical specification that will help to avoid mistakes in the implementation of the project

starts at 6 500 €
Maintenance and Support

We will ensure your business runs smoothly without downtime and prevent or quickly fix failures

starts at 7 500 €
About us

Certified specialists find solutions that are successfully implemented in ten sectors of the economy. People come to us when quality and guarantees are needed.