MVP on Camunda BPM starts at 25 000 €


MVP is a kind of base for a future large project. The success of the subsequent stages depends on how the pilot is executed. We have implemented hundreds of such tasks, we know all the nuances and tricks and will share our experience with you.

terms / an average of 4 — 6 weeks
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    We need a pilot project based on Camunda, completed according to all the rules without errors and shortcomings

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    Invite our experts who are certified for such work and will do everything quickly and efficiently

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    You will receive a working service just in time, that will meet all your requirements

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

Creation of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or minimum viable product based on Camunda. If you need to perform this task, we recommend using this service. We will develop a single process service or part of the system.

  • Camunda BPM is accepted as a key technology in the design of the solution.
  • A microservice or monolith is being developed using Camunda BPM.
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Offer a solution

You formulate the top-level requirements, and then we get down to business. Certified specialists prepare the specification, find the solution and bring the project directly to launch.

  • We identify requirements and prepare a specification (or form a product backlog). We design and protect the architectural solution.
  • We develop a solution in sprints for a period of 2 weeks each. At the end of each sprint, there is a demonstration to the client with the possibility of making changes and clarifying the requirements.
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Get the result Done

As a result, the project, made according to your requirements, works. We are responsible not only for the process, but also for the result, we take responsibility to the client, we share the risks with him. We also know well what deadlines are, and we always comply with them.

  • We successfully work in a mixed team (client / executor, several contractors).
  • The experience gained by the team allows to increase the efficiency of further process automation.

prices and terms

Development of a pilot application or microservice on Camunda BPM. The final cost of the service depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the implemented functionality.

  • 25 000

    per project
  • 4 — 6 weeks

    from start to finish

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