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Our profile is to deliver complex and non-standard solutions to automate business processes based on Camunda BPM and open source technologies. We are trusted by large companies around the world.



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Certified specialists have delivered solutions that are successfully implemented in different sectors of the economy. Customers come to us when quality and guarantees are needed.

We are trusted

Undoubtedly, Reunico are top class professionals. Colleagues conducted Camunda trainings for us. I was pleased with everything: a flexible schedule of classes on the job, and an easy and understandable style of lecturers. They took into account all our requirements. After the trainings, our team independently launched the project.

We turned to the company as experts in working with Camunda. We needed to quickly replace an outdated solution with a modern BPM platform. We are satisfied: everything turned out quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary bureaucracy. We will definitely continue cooperation in new projects.

Reunico are our permanent partners. Together we have already implemented several projects based on Camunda, where the big challenge was: preparing a modern architecture taking into account our requirements, developing an application from scratch and quickly bringing the finished functionality to production. As a result, we managed to reduce the load on some departments by 30-40%.

In cooperation with Reunico, we have started the digital transformation of our bank's business processes. Thanks to the developed solution, we were able to transform customer interaction into online processes and significantly reduce the operational time providing customer services.