Maintenance and Support starts at 7 500 €


Any highly loaded application requires support. We know how it works, we know how to prevent failures and quickly fix problems. From you - attributes of quality and SLA, from us - support that will save you from problems.

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    There is a Camunda-based solution that needs technical support and maintenance

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    We have a team that is ready to ensure the performance of the system

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    You do not waste your energy on supporting ready-made projects, but create new ones and move forward

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

Imagine that you are driving a bus full of passengers through a city with insane traffic. You have no insurance and technical inspection is long overdue. Imagined? This is about the same as running a highly loaded or mission critical application without support. Who will help in case of failures and downtime?

  • We determine the services and systems to be maintained and the composition of services.
  • We fix the time intervals for the provision of services and SLA (Service Level Agreement).
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Offer a solution

We will agree with you the parameters of the service and SLA (response time and incident resolution, as well as our work schedule). Our main goal will be to ensure the availability of the system, as required by your business. Your specialists will have access to the service desk portal, and if necessary, we will provide them with an API for integration with Service Desk systems.

  • We ensure business continuity using our experience and best ITIL practices.
  • We manage incident, problem and change management processes.
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Get the result Done

Guaranteed system performance! We find problems and not only quickly eliminate them, but also prevent them. This will be the entry point for the changes you have planned. We will ensure order in the documentation and knowledge bases. And if you need advice, we will help.

prices and terms

Solutions developed by our company have a warranty period of 1 to 6 months. After that, we offer an escort service with quarterly billing.

  • 7 500

    per project
  • 1 quarter

    from start to finish

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