Business Process Modeling and Optimization starts at 2 500 €


When you need true performance indicators. We will find business processes that hinder the growth of your company and prevent you from maximizing the profit.

terms / an average of 5 days
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    You work, put in an effort, time and money, but do not see the desired result

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    Our experts are able to understand even the most difficult situations and find a solution

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    All bugs are found and fixed, you are working and the company's profit is growing - as it should be

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

Money likes order! It's good when all parts of the business process work like cogs in a clock. But if not? We will find what prevents you from working calmly and earning. Immature business processes, with a mess in the documentation, as a rule, have low efficiency. That means losing money.

  • We agree on an approach to business analysis with the customer and plan activities.
  • We study the internal acts of the company and conduct interviews with management and subject matter experts.
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Offer a solition

Nothing escapes our business analyst. He will study the documents, compare them with the norms of the law, interview the heads of all departments and, if necessary, their subordinates. It will also determine all stages of the process and how it is connected with other parts of the system. The expert will formalize using the SIPOC matrix, BPMN notation. And he will find that weak link.

  • We identify participants, key elements and recreate the sequence of the process. If necessary, we use solutions of the Process Mining class.
  • We model the process in BPMN notation - first at the strategic level, and then at the operational level.
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Get the result Done

Let's break it all down and on the buttons. We will not only show weaknesses, but also teach how to fix everything. As a result, you will get clearly formulated models and a map of business processes, you will see true performance indicators. By increasing the level of maturity of business processes, making them transparent, measurable and manageable, the company reduces costs and increases revenue.

  • We analyze the obtained process models and identify areas that can be improved.
  • Process descriptions can be deployed in Camunda BPM or are used in a third party BPM system.

prices and terms

Modeling a business process at medium complexity (operational level). The number of process elements (events, tasks, gateways) of each analyzed process - up to 30. Recommendations for process optimization.

  • 2 500

    per project
  • 5 days

    from start to finish

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