Middleware Solutions and Integration starts at 10 000 €


Is it necessary to transfer data from one system to another? The experts of our company will design a solution for your needs, and then develop it and help you implement it correctly.

terms / an average of 1 month
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    There is data, there is a task, but there is no solution how to do everything technically correct

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    There are experienced specialists who will analyze and offer the most correct way.

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    There will be a working integration service that meets your requirements

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

We offer this service when it is necessary to transfer data from one system to another. This requires complex conversion algorithms and high-level pros (such as our consultants) are indispensable.

  • It is necessary to extract information from master systems, populate data marts, dedupe or transform data.
  • It is required to implement the interaction between the components of the system using the ESB or the event bus.
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Offer a solution

You give us input data - a specification, a description of the inputs and outputs of integration flows. Then it is not your problem, but for our experts. They will select solutions that are most suitable for your goals, then design and put into operation integration flows.

  • We analyze the requirements and design the architecture and integration flows, taking into account the load and technical radar of the customer.
  • We develop using solutions such as Talend Data Integration (ETL), Apache NiFi and Apache Kafka (Event Bus).
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Get the result Done

“Hurrah, it works!” our clients usually say. If seriously, we deliver the result to you on time and you enjoy a working integration service.

prices and terms

The cost for one integration stream includes a full project from solution design to production.

  • 10 000

    per project
  • 1 month

    from start to finish

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