Development of Technical Specifications starts at 6 500 €


Any complex expensive project requires serious preparation. A detailed technical task will help to properly build the work at all stages. We will analyze and compile a specification so that you do not miss anything.

terms / an average of 1 month
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    You have conceived a project, but you are afraid to make mistakes in its implementation

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    Our experts will write down every step for you, so you won't miss anything

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    A prototype that will help you “see” the result even before the start

how it works

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Understanding the problem TBD

They say that a dream will come true faster if you constantly think about it. We propose to move from thoughts to deeds. The solution will be implemented faster if the requirements are correctly and clearly developed and formalized. Your company doesn't have analysts? Then we go to you!

  • We define and agree on the approach to business analysis, as well as the level of formalization (SRS or user story).
  • We are planning activities to identify requirements.
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Offer a solution

Identifying stakeholders, conducting interviews, analyzing internal regulations and business processes… Too complicated? But not for our analysts. They will take care of all the routine work that requires utmost care, draw up a specification of requirements, and, if necessary, prepare technical tasks / backlog.

  • We identify requirements, from the top level to functionality, eliminating uncertainty, inconsistency and ambiguity as much as possible.
  • We fix business rules and quality attributes. Together with representatives of business and IT, we carry out validation and verification of requirements.
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Get the result Done

The result is a specification of requirements or a finished technical task in your hands. We will create a prototype so that you can feel your dream. Realize your plans and make new plans!

  • We formalize the information received in the form of a specification (SRS) or user stories (user stories) in the backlog.
  • Validation and verification of requirements

prices and terms

Time &s; Material business analytics - from 1 month to prepare a specification or product backlog.

  • 6 500

    per project
  • 1 month

    from start to finish

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