Project Team starts at 120 000 €


We will strengthen your team with experienced experts: analysts, developers, QA and DevOps specialists. They will prepare and start the project according to your requirements just in time

terms / an average of 3 months
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    You plan to automate part of the processes, but you do not have specialists who can complete the task

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    Hire an experienced team that will take care of all the work from preparation to start

  • 3


    You will receive a finished project, and we will share the risks with you and be responsible for the quality

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

You have an idea but have no resources? We will send our super-landing “troops” to you. These are experienced analysts, developers, QA and DevOps specialists, project managers. All of them are certified to work with Camunda and will provide a full cycle: from preparation to starting of a ready project.

  • Business analysts will help identify stakeholders and formulate business goals, develop requirements specifications.
  • We will prepare and ensure the coordination of the architectural solution, ensuring its implementation in the IT landscape of the organization.
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Offer a solution

Our experts work quickly, accurately and, if necessary, discreetly. You will agree on the scope of work, terms and immediately get down to business. We will adopt any business philosophy that suits you: from the classic waterfall method to flexible agile, in which you will be aware of all the steps from daily reports, user stories, discussions and demos. By the way, we usually recommend this organization of work to our customers. It not only reduces the time, but also saves you money.

  • The project manager will ensure the coordinated work of the team and minimize project risks.
  • User story / Backlog / Sprint planning / Daily scrum / Retrospective / Git flow
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Get the result Done

That same feeling when you are calm, because everything is all right. The specialists of our company do not just go to the goal, they are ready to take responsibility for the quality and can always meet the needs of the customer. You will get a completely finished and working project at the end . As they say, on a silver platter.

  • The solutions we develop successfully pass architectural protection and code quality audit.
  • Expertise of specialists is confirmed by Camunda certification.

prices and terms

Typical team on a project lasting 3 months: project manager (or scrum master), business analyst, development team leader (or solution architect), two developers.

  • 120 000

    per project
  • 3 months

    from start to finish

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