BPM Solution Audit starts at 7 000 €


You already have a ready-made solution that you plan to implement in your business. Before doing this, you need to check it, find flaws and fix it or the solution has already been implemented, but does not meet the quality attributes.

terms / an average of 1 — 3 weeks
  • 1


    Dissatisfied with the performance, scalability, or maintainability of the solution

  • 2


    Experts will check the solution, help eliminate shortcomings and give recommendations on how to avoid errors

  • 3


    All shortcomings were eliminated before the start of the project, risks were taken into account, which means no surprises and rework at the end

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

Imagine that you have a Camunda BPM-based system getting ready to start, but there is no certainty that all this will work quickly, stably and conveniently maintained. The solution needs to be audited.

  • Low performance. Bottlenecks when writing the process state to the database.
  • Job Executor crashes. Problems when migrating process instances to a new version.
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Offer a solution

Entrust it to our IT auditors. An experienced team will analyze all executable processes and audit the architecture. Certified specialists (solution architect, business process architect, developers) will check the source code of the program and, if there are errors in it, they will definitely find them.

  • Together with the customer's team, we study the solution architecture, process models, delegate code and service logs.
  • We analyze the information received, applying our own experience, industry standards and patterns, as well as Camunda best practices.
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Get the result Done

We will not leave you alone with the problem. After the audit, we will draw up a detailed conclusion: we will indicate what exactly and at what stage went wrong. We'll give you suggestions on how to fix it.

  • We prepare and agree on an expert opinion on the problem, which includes recommendations for its elimination.
  • We help with the implementation of the recommended changes and their launch into operation.

prices and terms

Camunda BPM solution audit conducted by a certified consultant — lead developer or solution architect.

  • 7 000

    per project
  • 1 — 3 weeks

    from start to finish

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