BPM Trainings starts at 7 500 €


Do you want your own Camunda Competence Center? We are ready to share our experience with your specialists, train the team, tell you about all the subtleties and secrets. We provide individual consultations and group trainings for analysts, developers and process architects in group training.

terms / an average of 6 — 21 days
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    You are planning to independently implement Camunda-based solutions, but your team does not have the necessary specialists yet

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    Get trained by our experts who have vast experience behind them and share it with you

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    You will have a team that can not only create complex solutions, but also support them

how it works

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Understanding the problem TBD

You have a team and you are confident in it, but your people don't have enough or no experience with Camunda yet. In the future, this can result in problems such as the use of antipatterns, poor performance, or limited scaling of the solution. Simply put, you will not be able to fully appreciate the capabilities of a platform that should work and make life easier for everyone.

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Offer a solution

There are two training programs available. Universal: we compiled it based on our experience in conducting trainings, knowing what most often raises questions. Individual: here a program is prepared for the client, adapted to his needs. Also the schedule is built in such a way that it suits your employees and does not tear them away from their main work responsibilities. We train analysts, process architects and developers. Additional consultations with certified experts in the question-answer format are also possible.

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Get the result Done

The result is obvious. Not only do you get trained employees, but you also get your own local Camunda Competence Center.

prices and terms

Universal program - a group of students up to 10 people. 6 lessons of 6 academic hours in the "online" format with recording of events (lectures, joint modeling, development and testing).

  • 7 500

    per project
  • 6 — 21 days

    from start to finish

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