Proof of Concept starts at 10 000 €


This is an opportunity to test the process even before the development of the solution. You will find out - if it is worth implementing a BPM system in your business? And if so, is it necessary to use Camunda for this?

terms / an average of 10 days
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    It is necessary to understand whether the idea will work, so as not to waste your budget and time

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    Experienced experts will help form a team, model and launch the process

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    You will check if Camunda BPM is suitable and understand what is necessary to implement a BPM project

how it works

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Understand the problem TBD

You have an idea but you are not sure if it will work. Theory is good, but you want to test everything in practice. This practice will be Proof of Concept.

  • How well can Camunda be built into the architecture of the solution? Is the concept of BPM suitable? What efforts and knowledge are necessary to obtain the desired result?
  • The task of Proof of Concept is to confirm or disprove a hypothesis with minimal cost. The result is skills and experience that will help you successfully implement a BPM project.
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Offer a solution

Once a business process architect, a business analyst and a developer met ... But seriously, although this is the testing of an idea, all the work is being done from and to. Together with business representatives, we select a process of medium complexity, model it and launch it.

  • We define the boundaries of the Proof of Concept, key stakeholders and goals. We model a business process that is transparent and understandable for all participants. We implement integration with external systems if their data is used in the process.
  • We deploy a business process in Camunda BPM. Process participants will be able to use Camunda Tasklist to complete tasks, and the process owner will be able to get the necessary metrics and analytics.
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Get the result Done

We will analyze all the information received during the Proof of Concept and draw conclusions. For little money, you will be convinced of the efficiency of your idea before starting a large-scale and expensive project.

  • We prepare a report and present the results of the Proof of Concept to stakeholders.
  • The knowledge and approach gained during the Proof of Concept will be used to implement the BPM project.

prices and terms

Business process modeling with subsequent execution in Camunda BPM. If necessary, service calls, custom tasks (Camunda Tasklist) and analytical reporting can be added. The price is fixed.

  • 10 000

    per project
  • 10 days

    from start to finish

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