Camunda BPM Training for the Insurance Company


About project

Conducted a series of consultancy trainings on Camunda BPM for colleagues from the VSK insurance company, sharing experience and knowledge
Term 2 months
Customer VSK Insurance House
# Camunda BPM, Architecture, Java, Spring Boot, Trainings

Challenge and solution


Even experienced developers who start using Camunda BPM sooner or later have questions.

— How to perform process migration in production?

— How to avoid the appearance of deadlocks in the system?

— How to ensure the desired level of performance?

Often the necessary information cannot be found in the documentation.
Online communities and forums may not always give the right answer


We shared our knowledge and helped our colleagues from the VSK insurance company get answers to their questions.
We jointly modeled a business process that is understandable to both business and IT.
Designed a solution architecture that meets high quality standards.

Review of the client

Time tested

Vyacheslav Groshenkov

Insurance House "VSK"

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