Process Core for the EDI system

12 processes
Workflow Automation

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Implemented Camunda BPM as a process core for the MetaDoc electronic document management system, automating 12 unique business processes
Term 4 months
Customer Proper Solutions
# Camunda BPM, Spring Boot, BPMN, PostgreSQL

Challenge and solution


Replace the outdated process engine of the electronic document management platform (MetaDoc) with a modern solution.
Integration with the content subsystem is needed (authentication and work with document fields).
It is necessary to migrate and modernize business process models that were used by the old BPM engine.


A microservice based on Camunda BPM has been developed, which ensures the execution of the processes of the EDI platform. The platform performance has been increased and the costs of its maintenance have been reduced (due to the decommissioning of legacy BPM).
A Custom Identity Provider has been developed to provide seamless integration of Camunda users and groups with users and groups of the content subsystem.
Thanks to the use of custom controllers, users of the EDI platform were able to filter tasks both by process variables and by document fields.

Review of the client


Daniyar Abenov

Proper Solutions

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