BPM for a Medical Platform


About project

We developed the concept of an application that provides interaction between clinics, insurance companies and residents of Singapore
Term 4 weeks
Customer Doctor World (Care)
# Angular, Proof of Concept, Camunda BPM, Spring Boot, DMN, Microservices

Challenge and solution


Develop a concept for a solution that allows organizing the process of information exchange between an unlimited number of patients, medical clinics and insurance companies.
Provide a low code approach to the implementation of the solution and a weekly delivery of new releases.
Provide the ability of quickly making changes to workflows to support legislative changes.


A BPM microservice has been created that orchestrates the services of the medical platform. Camunda BPM provides control over the state of the platform processes (State Machine) and is used as an event processor (Event Processor), exchanging messages with event bus subscribers (Event Bus).
You can make changes to workflows without having to rewrite the application or fix the source code.
Low coupling components of the system provide its high fault tolerance.

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