Camunda BPM in the Largest Bank of Azerbaijan

Banking and Finance

About project

Implemented Camunda BPM to automate business processes of the largest commercial bank in Azerbaijan
Term 3 months
Customer Kapital Bank
# Camunda BPM, Java, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, Microservices, Kafka

Challenge and solution


Low code BPMS is used to perform banking processes related to servicing individuals (onboarding a client, issuing a cash loan). The processes modeled in this BPMS are complex and take a long time to change. In addition, BPMS does not scale well and cannot cope with the increased load.
Consider replacing BPMS with a BPM engine.
The target architecture for a bank is a microservice architecture.


A solution based on Camunda BPM was developed, which made it possible to simplify the onboarding business process for individuals, while increasing its fault tolerance and scalability.
During the project, integration with the processing center, AML, KYC and CRM systems was performed, which made it possible to automate data exchange and decision making in the business process.
The successful implementation of a pilot project for onboarding individual clients marked the beginning of the replacement of the BPM monolith with the microservice architecture + Camunda.

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