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Camunda Almaty Chapter Meetup: How it was

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Camunda Almaty Chapter Meetup: How it was The Smart.Point business center immediately pulls its visitors into the rapid flow of the Almaty industry of innovations.

Bright art, modern offices, elegant interior and, most importantly, an abundance of busy people - all this suggested that it was here that one of the centers of invisible force that pushes forward the economy of Kazakhstan.

The halls for holding events are almost always busy here, but our team managed to fit into the schedule and carve out a few hours after the end of the working day for the meetup.

It was our first experience of hosting an event of this kind. And despite the hitches that our technical team struggled with in the background, the meetup can be considered a success.

Meet Up посетители

Approximately an hour and a half before the start, the hall began to fill up with participants who gathered in small groups. Someone energetically discussed applications and processes with colleagues. Someone decided to refuel with pies, feeling hungry after work. Architects and product owners, business representatives and startup teams, developers and business analysts. All were united by a passion for innovation and a desire to improve their solutions.

The event was opened with a welcoming speech by Michael Levant, director of partnerships. Michael spoke about the company and its products. Particular attention was paid to the steps that Camunda takes to develop the community and information resources (forum, documentation, user groups) available to community members.

Then Nial Deehan, Camunda Developer Advocate, took the initiative and demonstrated the magic of Camunda 8 to the public. There were some bugs here too. The simulated process stubbornly refused to deploy to the Camunda cluster. After several minutes of unsuccessful struggle, it was decided to move on to the Q&A session and to the reports from the local Camunda Chapter.

Camunda MeetUp Almaty

The three presentations looked at the three key roles responsible for the successful application of Camunda BPM in solutions.

Daniyar Abenov (Proper Solutions) - spoke about the technical aspects of embedding a BPM engine into a product.

Sanjar Kayrolla (Keycell) - demonstrated the business effect of using Camunda in a telecommunications company.

Mstislav Martynyuk (Reunico) - taking practical experience in implementing a large project as an example, spoke about management approaches that make Camunda BPM implementation less painful and less costly.

By the middle of the first report, it became clear that a few hours for a meetup was not enough - colleagues actively asked questions, and after the presentations were completed, they continued to communicate in a less formal setting.

Photos of the meetup and presentations of the participants.

Camunda MeetUp Almaty