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Why Camunda?

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Why Camunda?

What is Camunda?

Camunda is a Universal Process Orchestrator, in other words, a tool that allows you to automate the management of business processes in your organization, from modeling to monitoring their execution and optimization.

Why is Camunda better than CRM, ERP, DMS and other systems?

Nothing, the comparison is not correct, Camunda is a tool of a completely different class, which does not replace each good system in its own way. Camunda allows you to customize and improve the interaction of solutions already used in the company, visualize the entire business process and provide an opportunity to receive information on the process online up to online.

Can you give some example?

For example, we have clients from completely different industries. Someone is even engaged in geological exploration. A modern and dynamically developing company,

but, as it turned out, management spends up to 90% of its time on routine tasks, such as monitoring the execution of tasks by performers, via email or phone, without using a process approach and any process management solutions.

An excellent case for implementing Camunda, monitoring the execution of tasks in the system, tracking performance, the ability to configure KPI. All the data obtained can be used to improve current business processes. And most importantly, not only will the efficiency of operations increase, but valuable time of managers will be released. Here you can find a detailed interview with one of our major clients.

And how does Camunda differ from other systems of this class? After all, are there alternatives?

Of course, there are similar solutions. Here you can see the comparison of Camunda with others. Here are the key differences: open source, BPMN compliant, developer-friendly, huge community, rich features out of the box, work in any stack and architecture, lower cost per transaction, the more actively you use Camunda, the more profitable.

What is a process-driven approach?

Camunda uses the world-famous ISO BPMN 2.0 standard to model and execute processes. Each business process of the company can be represented in the form of a diagram that complies with this standard. Thus, the process model will be understandable to both business and IT, and in addition, it will be automated in the same form.

Who uses Camunda?

Companies around the world from different industries. Historically, many of Camunda's clients are financial institutions, banks and insurance companies from Europe, the US and other parts of the world and countries. In addition, there is a huge Camunda community in the world, with more than 100,000 members, and there is one in Kazakhstan. We regularly hold Camunda meetings, which bring together leading experts from Kazakhstan and other countries. Join our Camunda community in Almaty.

Is there any research on the effectiveness of using Camunda?

Yes, there are such materials, a lot of information is available on the Camunda website, for example, a study from the American consulting company Forrester.

This is all great, but how do I understand that Camunda suits us both in terms of functionality and price?

Very simple, fill out the “Discuss the project” form below on this page,

We will contact you and discuss your project.