02/29/2024 07:56:45 am

Reunico, 10 years of a shared journey to success

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Reunico, 10 years of a shared journey to success

Dear friends and colleagues,

This year has been special for us - the Reunico team is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Recently, in January, we gathered together to reflect on our achievements, celebrate successes, and simply enjoy time together.


Reunico's founder, Mstislav Martyniuk, presented a overview of the past 10 years, recounting the company's beginnings and the events that led to the present.

This anniversary is not just a reason for celebration but also a moment to remember how we grew, developed, and achieved success together. Over these ten years, we faced challenges, explored new ideas, learned from our mistakes, and collectively built the future of Reunico.


The January meeting was an excellent way to share memories, laugh at old anecdotes, and meet new members of our team. It was an evening of warm reminiscences, friendship, and inspiration for the future. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without gifts.


During the gathering, we also expressed gratitude to all our colleagues, partners, and clients for their belief in us, support, and shared accomplishments. Without each of you, this journey wouldn't have been as bright and successful.


Ten years are just the beginning of our journey. We are confident that more exciting challenges and successful moments await us ahead. Together, we can overcome all difficulties and reach new heights.


Where would we be without a feast :)

Thank you for being with us on this exciting journey!

Best regards,