08/17/2023 10:39:08 am

Camunda, partnerships and innovations in Astana and Bishkek

3 min · Interview
Camunda, partnerships and innovations in Astana and Bishkek

In early August, I went on a small business trip, which turned out to be not only intense, but also promising in terms of business and technological cooperation. I have never been to Astana before and have long wanted to visit. As for Bishkek there was a colleague of mine from Camunda just arrived. Therefore, it turned out that within a short time I visited the capitals of two states - Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, where meetings were held with key partners and representatives of the business community.

The visit began from Bishkek, which welcomed me with summer weather and picturesque views. August is the high season for tourism, many foreigners from all over the world come here for hiking and visiting the famous Issyk-Kul lake. As I said, an important part of the visit was devoted to a meeting with a representative of Camunda - Michael Levant. Discussion of future cooperation between the companies took center stage in our meeting. However, this was not the only business event in Bishkek.

BishkekBishkek panorama

As part of a business meeting, we demonstrated the Camunda platform for the management of a large financial institution. Together with Michael Levant, we demonstrated the power and functionality of the platform, emphasising its role in optimising business processes. This event was an important step in the development of potential cooperation.

MikeWith Mike in front of Kyrgyzstan flag

Literally the next day, with a quick transfer in Almaty, which is my home city now, I went to the capital of Kazakhstan and the center of innovative development, to the city of Astana. Meetings with our partners Re:Work Consulting and its founder Yulia Zhevno, as well as with the President of the ABPMP Association in Kazakhstan, Nurgisa Seilov, brought new perspectives to the development of our trilateral competence: project management, process approach and the use of the Camunda Platform as a universal process orchestrator.

Re:WorkWith Yulia and Dariga from Re:Work

Joint meetings with potential clients from various industries also underlined the activity of the city's business environment. Companies are showing interest in implementing a process approach and automating management, which indicates a desire to optimize and improve their activities.

I will give one, in my opinion, a significant example from communication with a potential client. During our conversation, it turned out that the top management of the company spends up to 90% of its time on the operational activities: monitoring team performance and deadlines for completing tasks. And in view of the specifics of the business, various deviations or the “human factor” often entail risks in the form of significant financial losses. Having heard from us that with the help of Camunda tools it is possible to automate and control such “manual” interaction, monitor the implementation of KPIs, and then analyze the effectiveness in different projections based on data and make informed management decisions, colleagues realized that the implementation of the platform would help free up precious time and direct it to the development of the company.

In conclusion, I would like to note the importance of developing partnerships and technological cooperation with Astana and Bishkek. More and more companies are showing interest in innovative solutions and modern management approaches, which creates new opportunities for development and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We hope that the formed alliance of competencies in project management, process approach and implementation of the Camunda Platform will allow our partners and clients to more effectively solve their problems, achieve goals and successfully develop in a rapidly changing market.

Vsevolod Martyniuk,
Reunico Managing Partner