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Camunda Conference Almaty 2023

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Camunda Conference Almaty 2023

Almaty, June 16 - AlmaU Conference Hall has become a meeting place for more than 50 leading specialists from IT, fintech and banking in Kazakhstan at a conference organized by Camunda Chapter Almaty. This event has become a platform for discussing new trends and opportunities in business process management and automation.

Experts from Moscow, Tashkent and Almaty became conference speakers, sharing their knowledge and experience. One of the main topics was the discussion of the differences between Camunda 8 and the previous version, Camunda 7. Participants learned about new features and capabilities, as well as know-how in using Camunda 8, which cannot be found in such detail anywhere else.

Mstislav Martynyuk (Reunico) showed an interactive demo of Camunda 8, where he used the platform to give away branded merchandise from Camunda team right during the presentation. "Camunda Cloud - universal process orchestrator" 

Mstislav Martyniuk.jpg

Ramis Kazakbaev (Codesmith) shared cases on using Camunda 8 Connectors. What are connectors in version 8 and why are they needed? "What are Connectors in Camunda 8 and how to use them?"

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Alexei Vinogradov (Camunda Champion) reviewed the architectural differences of the Zeebe process & decision engine, which is used in Camunda 8, and showed how this affects performance. "How scalable and performant is Zeebe?" Sources, issues & questions are here

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During the conference, various cases of transition to the new version of Camunda were also presented. The specialists shared their experience of implementing the system and talked about the benefits they received after the upgrade.

One of the most interesting parts of the conference was the panel discussion with the speakers. Participants had the opportunity to discuss topical issues and get answers from experts. There was a heated discussion around issues related to integrating Camunda into existing systems and best practices for using the tools.

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During breaks and before the speeches, the conference participants talked in the lobby, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and delicious canapés with cakes. This time was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, establish new contacts and continue discussing the topics raised at the conference.

An important moment of the conference was the signing of a cooperation agreement between ABPMP (Association of Business Process Management Professional International) and Camunda Chapter Almaty. Aidos Sakyp, ABPMP representative, and Vsevolod Martynyuk, Camunda Chapter Almaty representative, officially confirmed their desire to develop partnerships and cooperation in the field of business process management.


The Camunda conference in Almaty was of great benefit to all participants. They gained valuable knowledge and inspiration from business process experts, expanded their professional networks and discussed topical issues with colleagues.

Camunda Chapter Almaty does not plan to stop there! We are planning a series of online events for the community. For those who wish to meet in person, Camunda Chapter Almaty plans to organize meetings with leaders who successfully use Camunda in their companies, as well as a live conference that will bring together even more Camunda experts, developers and supporters. It will be a forum where participants can share knowledge, learn from each other and create connections within the industry.

Stay in touch with Camunda Chapter Almaty, connect to the community Telegram chat. Keep learning, growing and sharing your experience with the community. We invite speakers, partners and sponsors to cooperate in preparing the following events.

Join the Camunda Chapter Almaty community, photos and video materials of the conference will be available by the link.