04/24/2024 03:31:00 pm

Reunico Confirms Certified Partner Status with Camunda

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Reunico, as one of the leading developers and providers of solutions using the Camunda Platform in the CIS and Central Asia, announces the elevation of its partnership status to Certified Gold Partner.

Camunda Gold Partner Certified

The status of a certified gold partner signifies that the company's engineers not only possess experience in implementing complex projects using the Camunda Platform but also validate their expertise through the certification.

"The successful completion of certification is the result of the diligent work of our Training Center, responsible for enhancing the skills of our employees," asserts Vsevolod Martyniuk, CEO of Reunico LLP.

According to Vsevolod, continuous learning and skills validation among team members are key factors for the success of digital transformation in a world of rapidly evolving technologies.

The company continues to refine its internal training processes - in addition to its own developed courses, opportunities provided by the Camunda Academy are also utilized for a quick dive into the subject area.

Special hopes are placed on the new training and certification program for Camunda 8, participation in which, as anticipated within the company, will enable new employees to enhance their qualifications in project implementation on the new platform.

Camunda Certified Gold Partner

In addition to enhancing the qualifications of its employees, one of the company's priorities is the development of the Camunda user community. Reunico regularly hosts Camunda Meetups, supports the local-language Camunda forum, and offers training sessions for company clients.